Double & Triple Glazing

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U – Values are the measurement of your windows thermal efficiency.

This can be a very confusing topic. We have tried to make this as simple and transparent as possible by including as many of the configurations as possible that will suit your home.

The current Scottish Building Regulation U-Value for replacement windows is 1.6

Architects and planners may require a lower than 1.6 U-Value to compensate for the overall U-value of an extension to a property. When this occurs the glass must be upgraded to increase the windows thermal performance.

It is important that manufacturers can clarify the U-value of their product.

Many customers looking to replace their windows and doors are bombarded with the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing. In truth there are benefits with triple over double but natural down sides also like weight and reduced light transmission. The application of double or triple glazing is specific to each individual householder.

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